by Ronald Lutz

  • Released: January 2020
  • Genre: Novels

When a corrupt Australian politician running for reelection learns a hidden video tape has recorded his conversations it leads to murder. His estranged son, fiance of the victim and present at the scene of the murder, threatens to expose his crime before being coerced to leave the country on a high seas motor yacht. Adding to the intrigue, the yachtsman – also marked for elimination by the politician – has read an email his wife has written exposing her past infidelity. The letter does little to lessen his burgeoning feelings for a woman he meets on the Australian island of Boigu and takes with him to Bali.

What this author said about working with us...

Luminare Press worked with me in the best possible way to put my manuscript in book form. They had competitive pricing but more than that they guided me through the entire process; from corrective editing to book cover design and marketing tools they were with me from start to finish. They also offered after publishing ideas including author pages and a personal web site. I would rate my overall experience with Luminare Press as first rate. Ronald Lutz