Luminare Press uses cutting-edge print-on-demand (POD) technology to publish and distribute your book.

What is print-on-demand?

Print-on-demand is a model allowed by a system and a printing technology which allows to print something only when the item is requested or ordered, instead of having to print a large quantity in advance and stock it. This can work for many different things (from art to shirts) but it works particularly well for books!

When can you use print-on-demand technology for books?

Luminare Press uses and suggests POD for almost all of its publishing project, and it’s included in all packages.

After the design process is completed and the cover and interior files are ready to print, we upload the files to a print-on-demand printer. We provide all book metadata, such as title information, including book description, categories, keywords, and retail price to the printer; register your book with Bowker’s Books in Print and the Library of Congress; provide an ISBN; and set up your distribution channels.

Once the files are approved for printing, Luminare will send you a proof copy for review, and after any proof changes are made, we proceed with publishing.

Why should you use POD Publishing for Books?

When you publish using print-on-demand, your book will be widely available. Your customers will have the option of ordering from online sellers, such as Amazon or Barnes and Noble, and your book will be available for bookstores to order.
Because of this technology you won’t need to decide how many books to print in advance, you won’t have to monitor inventory or ship books and, best of all, you won’t have to pay money upfront for it. When a book is sold, the order goes to the printer, the title is printed and shipped directly to the customer, so your book will never be out of stock! Print-on-demand also allows you to republish a new version of your book if you want to make minor changes after publication, without having to deal with previously printed versions sitting somewhere.

Of course, if you need or want to buy books for yourself, you’ll be able to order copies directly from the printer to sell at readings and presentations or to give to friends and family. You won’t pay any upcharge to Luminare Press, but will be able to purchase books for the printing cost.

Is there any disadvantage in using POD for Books?

There are some limitations on paper types and sizes options, but print on demand offers an optimal solution for most authors.

All our publishing packages include set up for print-on-demand and preferential bookstore distribution.

If you have more questions about print-on-demand or how Luminare Press uses it everyday, contact us or schedule a free consultation to talk specifically about your publishing project.