Customizable products for Luminare Press authors.

You can now order products featuring YOUR book cover!
It’s a great option for gift-giving, publicizing your book, and, of course, celebrating your publishing achievements!

Pick your favorite (or all of them).

More Gifts for Book Lovers

There’s a whole new world of Luminare Press products, ready for you.

  • 1ee50826-8520-4e4e-8665-31825d137805
    Book Nerd Premium Tote Bag – Orange


  • 2718e648-1a0f-41d2-ba73-29791a91d67d
    Be Merry Wreath Mug – Cranberry


  • 972847b7-a935-4110-a891-02c576dfb7c1
    Be Merry Tote Bag – Charcoal