Interior Book Design & Formatting

Professional layout and interior formatting for your book.

Receive your state-of-the-art interior in less than 30 days.

  • Do you believe your book deserves the same design quality as a New York Times bestseller?
  • Do you want to publish a book that’s easy to read and professionally laid out?
  • Do you wish a book designer could transform your writing into an amazing reading experience?

We do too, and we can help.

Forget Word templates, unclear fonts, and poor formatting. Avoid layout and printing mistakes that can cost you money and reputation.

Let our team custom design your book, from the inside out.

What do I get with my interior book formatting?

  • A team of professional book designers who listen to you.
  • Full interior layout.
  • Attention to every detail.
  • Formatting of all text pages, including front and back matter, such as title page, copyright page, table of contents, dedication, and acknowledgments.
  • Inclusion of any image or content you send us.
  • Five different design options to start with minor customizations allowed.
  • One round of review.
  • A PDF file of the complete book, ready for print-on-demand printing.
  • .epub version for ebook distribution (optional).

Interior layout for novels and most fiction books starts at $600. Request a quote.

Some examples of interior book formatting

Is your manuscript mostly text, or does it include lots of photos, graphics, or tables?

What is book formatting, and why do you need a professional interior when publishing your independent book?

book formatting

After all the hard work of writing, rewriting, and editing your story, you don’t want to produce a book that brands you and your writing as amateurish. Most people know this about the cover, but your interior layout is equally important. A book interior has a deceptively simple appearance. At first glance, it is only words on a page, but the design and layout of those words affect not only the reader’s experience but tell anyone at a glance whether you have put care into the production of your book.

At Luminare Press, we use professional design software to produce our book interiors, ready to upload for publishing and printing. Let us take your words to the next level with care and attention to every detail.

Are you ready to publish a book with the design quality it deserves? Start now!

Receive a custom quote.

If you decide to work with Luminare Press, complete the simple form we’ll send you after the purchase to confirm your preferences and upload your manuscript.

Our designers will deliver a professionally designed book interior, in both print and ebook formats, within 30 days. A team member will contact you if any additional information is needed to complete the work.

See what our clients say about us

Luminare Press made me a believer in hiring professionals to help with aspects like design, formatting, and publishing to get your indie book where it needs to be.

– Terah Van Dusen

Luminare is as professional as it gets. My book is ready for prime time and a national book tour. The expertise and attention to detail was first rate.

Danuta Pfeiffer

Writing a book is one thing; the presentation of that work is another. The staff has had many additions, and I am again pleased with our results. A hearty thank you, Patricia and crew.

– Virginia Salinsky Landgreen

Order your interior formatting

Send us your edited manuscript, and we’ll deliver a professionally designed book interior, in both print and ebook formats.

More words from authors who used our services

Luminare was a godsend for me. Everyone I worked with was experienced, thoughtful, talented, knowledgeable, kind, considerate, and a complete pleasure to work with. […] I can unequivocally recommend them without any hesitation.

– Marianne Hesse

The attention to detail, the extremely helpful edits, the pleasant and accommodating personalities of all of the staff make the process easy and fun. […] They are the best.

– John Frohnmayer

I can’t say enough about how rewarding it was to work with the staff of Luminare Press. I will use Luminare Press again when I publish The Littlest Christmas Tree.

C. Marie Schrant


What’s the difference between standard and complex book layout?

Any book that has consistent text flow, uninterrupted by images, charts, worksheets, lists, subheads, quotes, and/or other unusual text is considered a standard layout. This includes most novels and memoirs. Quotes or datelines at the beginning of chapters, scene breaks, use of italics, and section pages are not considered complex formats.

Most business books, workbooks, family memoirs or yearbooks, and all image-heavy books fall under complex formatting. Complex formatting requires us to apply multiple styles to sections of text and/or insert images or graphics among the text.

Black-and-White versus Full Color: how to choose?

If your manuscript contains any color images or any color texts, you’ll have to select “Full Color”. This is common for art & photography books, cookbooks, or any business books that include color graphs or tables.
If your manuscript only includes text, as is common for most novels, memoirs, some non-fiction, and poetry, you can select the “Black-and-White” option.

This decision will change the printing costs of your book significantly. So unless your book absolutely must be color, it’s safer to choose black-and-white.

What’s included in the interior book design price?

Our interior print layout and ebook file services include all text pages, including front and back matter, such as title page, copyright page, table of contents, dedication, and acknowledgments. You choose what material to include and send us your complete, edited text. Choose from one of five templates to start with—from there, your pricing package includes minor customization, if you wish.

Once we have a style you like, we’ll finish the layout and send you a PDF of the complete book. You will review your text and send us any minor edits. (If your changes are more extensive, and we think they’ll run into additional time, we’ll let you know.)

Once we have the final print file, we’ll deliver a PDF, suitable for print-on-demand printing, and, if selected in your order, we’ll make .epub files for ebooks.

IMPORTANT: Editing and proofreading are not included in our interior book design process. We allow time for minor text changes, but more extensive changes will incur additional costs. Please send us a final, fully edited version that is ready for publication. If you need editing services, please let us know.

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