Professional Book Cover Design

Get a beautiful, unique,
custom cover for you book.

Stunning Book Cover Design, Front to Back

Get a unique, custom cover that sells

  • ready for print (front, spine, and back)
  • e-book cover
  • top-level book designers
  • Do you want an unique cover for your self-published book?
  • Do you agree a great cover is the best marketing tool for your book?
  • Do you wish a professional designer could make your book stand out?

We do too, and we can help.

Forget templates and copycat solutions. Avoid amateurish results that can hurt you book’s success.

Let our team professionally design your book cover, from front to back, so you can focus on writing and selling.

What do you get with our custom book covers?

  • A team of professional book designers who listen to you.
  • A preliminary layout based on your ideas and input.
  • Up to three rounds of review.
  • A professional, eye-catching cover, fully ready for print or e-book.
  • A result you’ll love that will make your book stand out.

Everything included, satisfaction guaranteed, $600.

Some professional covers we designed

The book cover design service from Luminare Press includes:

  • An original and custom design: no templates, no recycled work.
  • The front cover, spine, and back cover (one large file) for print, and the front cover for e-books.
  • A much better deal compared to other services offered by freelance or generic graphic designers. Our company specializes in designing books—it’s what we do all day long.
  • A friendly staff to work with and the ability to support a solid small business, entirely run by women.

What’s the cost of a book cover?

Professionally, custom-designed covers are easily priced at over $1,000. We offer our cover design service at the remarkable price of $1,200 $600.

Watch a Luminare Press designer creating a cover from scratch

Words from our clients

Luminare Press made me a believer in hiring professionals to help with aspects like design, formatting, and publishing to get your indie book where it needs to be.

– Terah Van Dusen

Luminare is as professional as it gets. My book is ready for prime time and a national book tour. The expertise and attention to detail was first rate.

Danuta Pfeiffer

I am very impressed with the professional expertise all of the staff at Luminare provided to publish my novel, Fly Home, Butterfly. […]The quality of the interior and exterior of my book is exceptional.

Linda L. Graham

Are you ready to publish a book with the perfect cover? Start here!

Order your book cover.

Complete our cover questionnaire, which guides us as we create your cover design, complete with barcode, price and imprint, if you like.

3 We’ll match the cover to your book themes, and send you a file for review. We allow for three rounds of changes, during which you can edit text, ask for color revisions, or make other minor adjustments. Luminare cover design includes the front cover, spine, and back cover (one file) for print, and the front cover for e-books.

Custom Cover Design

A professional, eye-catching cover for your book, fully ready for print and e-book.

  • Original design
  • Preliminary proposal
  • Up to three rounds of review
  • Satisfaction guaranteed

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Reviews of Real Authors

I’m completely satisfied with my book publishing experience with Luminare, from start to finish. They were with me every step of the way with patience and professionalism. The entire team was super great and the process went on without a glitch.

– Johanna Stenersen

Glad to recommend the complete list of services offered by the folks at Luminare Press. They provided teamwork solutions to all of my requests along the path to publication.

Steven Whysel

When I was ready to publish, I contacted Luminare. I’m glad I did. I’m pleased with the result. Professional, patient, helpful, and responsive describe the staff.

– Roseann Cotton

From the first moment, it was a delight to work with the women at Luminare. The professional knowledge, skill, talent, and expertise was evident at every step of the process.

Roberta Temes

What to expect after ordering a cover

Be prepared to supply the following: cover text (title, author, book description, author bio), your cover image*, an author image (if you are using one), your ISBN** and imprint logo (if you are using one), book trim size, retail price, approximate page count, and color preferences.

We’ll create a preliminary cover concept based on the information you submitted and your book theme. You’ll be able to review and make changes to the concept with your designer, up to three rounds (or two hours).

*What’s a cover image? What if I don’t have one?

The cover image is the image used to create the background for your cover. Don’t have a cover image? We can help brainstorm ideas, or do a photo search for you for an additional fee. We’ve done hundreds of covers, each uniquely suited to the interior content, and we can help you get your perfect cover in no time!

**How can I get an ISBN?

If you don’t have an ISBN, we can supply one. One of the Luminare Press Imprint would then be the publisher of record, but you would maintain complete control over the content of your book, and retain all rights and 100% of royalties. Our fee is $49.00 per ISBN. You can purchase your own ISBNs at Bowkers Books in Print.

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Need more than a cover?

Luminare Press offers affordable publishing packages and other book design services to help you turn your manuscript into a professionally published book.