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Your Book Cover

Ready to see your book cover coming to life?
Gather all the information we need to start working on the cover design, and complete the form.

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Your Book Interior

Now move to the interior of your book
Follow the instructions to prepare you manuscript and all other interior content, images etc before you complete the interior questionnaire form below.

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Ways to Promote Your Book

Resources, guides, and products

If you haven’t begun your book marketing, here are some great resources to get you started.

Review ideas and suggestions for your book marketing strategy.

Explore our promotional tools.
You can choose between convenient packages and single tools, select want what you need, and complete the purchase directly on the website.

Free Tools for You

Let’s Connect on Social Media

The best way to start is to expand your reach on social media and on the Internet.
Make sure to follow our accounts and to share yours with us, so we can follow you back and stay up-to-date.

Your Author Events

Holding an event or presenting your book somewhere? Let us help you promote it.
We’ll create a custom graphic for you to promote the events on social media. Send us the details for your next events.

Author Page

Review your complimentary* Author page.
Your page will be online as soon as your book is available through major retailers, including

* for authors published after June 2020

Book Marketing Seminar

Build your author platform and launch your book into the world.

As Luminare Press author, you can access to a free, on-demand marketing seminar with Sue Campbell of Pages & Platforms. Sue can offer advice and guidance as you plan your marketing strategy.

Let’s get started promoting your book!

Here you can find instructions for sending us what we need.
Need more? Review our promotional products and solutions.

Premium Author Page

You got it! Now you can edit and complete your page
Improve your Author page on Luminare Press by adding more information, book descriptions, and links to other online profiles.

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Author Website

Ready to see your website live?
Gather the content and the information we need to start designing your new website.
Send both the content info and the tech info, which you’ll see by clicking these buttons.

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Amazon Central Author Page

We are ready to help you set up your Amazon author and book page.
If your book is published, send us the information you want on your page. We’ll set up the page for you. 

Goodreads Author Page

We are ready to help you set up your Goodreads Author page.
You can start even if your book is not published yet. Send us your information and start connecting with your audience on Goodreads.

Marketing FAQs

What is an Author Page, and when I get one?

An Author Page is a dedicated profile page that garner the main information about you as an author. It can include your bio, picture, your books, and more. Luminare Press offers a complementary page on the website to all authors who publish their books with us. If you published a book with after June 2020, you’ll see you page online once the book is available on the major stores.

How can I upgrade to a Premium Author Page?

You can take control of your Author Page on Luminare Press upgrading to the Premium version. Click here to go to our online store and complete the purchase. You’ll be able to access, edit, and new content content to your page right away.

When will my author website be live?

Website development will be one of the last steps in your book publishing journey as you can see from the timeline below:

  1. Contract Signed
  2. Final manuscript received
  3. Book Cover ready
  4. Interior ready
  5. Book ready for proofread
  6. Website development
  7. Book published
  8. Website online

In order to build your website, we will need information and images from you. To start the process, please fill out this form.

Once we have all of the information, our web designer will review the content and contact you in case of questions. The web designer works closely with the project manager throughout the process to make sure your website is ready around the time of publication. When your book is ready for a proofread, the web designer will start to build your website. The design process can take about a week and once the first proof is ready, we will email you a link to review.

How can I buy promotional items?

You can buy marketing items and digital products to promote your book directly from the website. Visit the marketing products page for an overview of the convenient packages and à la carte options.

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Contact us.
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