Congratulations on reaching this stage of your publishing journey! Whether you just approved your cover or your book is published and available for sale, it’s a good time to consider what you need to accomplish your next goal.

If you want to sell or distribute as many copies as you can, creating a marketing strategy is an essential step. Even if you are simply looking for ways to give your book to family, friends, or a small audience, it is worthwhile to consider some items that can go along with your book.

To assist you in your marketing efforts, we have compiled a list of tools and guidelines for utilizing them effectively. Each tool serves a unique purpose in promoting or sharing your book and expanding your readership.

Let’s dive into the details of when and how to use these items:

Author Website

An author website is your online hub and serves as a platform to showcase your books, share your biography, engage with readers, and provide updates on your writing journey.

When to use: Create an author website as soon as possible. Update it with relevant content, including book excerpts, author interviews, and blog posts. Add the link to your website to all your other marketing tools.

Check out our extensive guide on author websites

Premium Author Page on Luminare Press

(exclusive for Luminare Press authors)

The Premium Author Page is a great first step to building your online presence. Compared to the complimentary page, it allows more control over the content and the addition of links to other websites or online profiles.

When to use: As soon as you have a book published with Luminare Press, especially if you don’t have a website yet.


Postcards are physical promotional materials that can feature your book cover, a marketing blurb, your book description, and your contact information. They can be mailed or handed out at events. A nice advantage of postcards is the option to personalize them with a handwritten message. This helps you create a memorable connection with your readers.

When to use: Send postcards to your existing readership to announce book releases or special promotions. Distribute them at local bookstores, libraries, book signings, and literary events.

One Sheet

A one-sheet is a concise, single-page document that provides an overview of your book, including key details such as the book cover, synopsis, author bio, endorsements, and relevant contact information.

When to use: Use a one-sheet for media kits, conferences, or book expos where you want to pitch your book to potential readers, agents, or bookstores. You can print and distribute it or have it on your website for download.


Bookmarks are practical and cost-effective promotional tools that can be given away or included with book purchases. They typically display your book cover, author name, and website or social media links.

When to use: Distribute bookmarks at book signings, author events, local bookstores, libraries, or any place where readers congregate. Because of their compact size, they make a nice little gift you can add to cards and letters you send to friends and potential readers.


Flyers are versatile promotional materials that can be designed to highlight your book, book launch events, or other related activities. They can be posted on community boards, shared electronically, or handed out in person.

When to use: Create flyers to advertise book signings, readings, or any event related to your book. Additionally, distribute them in areas with your target audience, such as coffee shops, bookstores, or local businesses.


Posters are the most common marketing tools you can use at readings, fairs, or book launch events. They can feature the book title, cover, endorsements and reviews, the date of a specific event, and your contact information.

When to use: Similarly to flyers, use posters to advertise book signings, readings, or any event related to your book. You can hang them where your target audience goes, such as coffee shops, bookstores, or spaces that can host events.

Business Card

Business cards are effective for sharing your essential contact information. They should list your name, book title(s), website, email, and social media handles. They are convenient for networking and leaving a lasting impression.

When to use: Carry business cards with you at all times and distribute them during networking events, conferences, or casual encounters with potential readers or industry professionals.

Goodreads Page

Goodreads is a popular social media platform for book lovers. Create an author profile and add your books to engage with readers, join book clubs, participate in discussions, and share recommendations.

When to use: Set up a Goodreads page as soon as your book is available for purchase. Engage with readers, respond to reviews, and participate in relevant groups to build a loyal reader base.

Author Page on Amazon Author Central

Amazon Author Central is a platform that allows authors to create a personalized page on Amazon. You can add your biography, book details, blog feeds, photos, and videos, and engage with readers through the Amazon Author Page.

When to use: Create an Author Page on Amazon as soon as your book is available for sale on Amazon. To gain more visibility, you can regularly update it with new content, including author interviews, book trailers, and announcements.

Email Announcement

Email announcements involve sending newsletters or targeted emails to your mailing list, and updating subscribers about your book releases, special offers, or upcoming events. This tool helps you stay connected with your audience.

When to use: Build an email list early in your writing journey and send regular updates to your subscribers. Send email announcements for book releases, pre-orders, promotions, and exclusive content.

Facebook Banner

A Facebook banner is a large header image displayed at the top of your Facebook page or profile. It provides an opportunity to visually promote your book and convey important information to visitors.

When to use: Design a compelling Facebook banner to align with your book launch or special events. Use it to showcase your book cover, release date, and endorsements.

Social Media Announcement

Social media announcements involve sharing posts across various platforms, such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn, to promote your book, share updates, engage with readers, and attract new followers.

When to use: Leverage social media platforms to create buzz around your book. Make regular announcements, share book excerpts, host giveaways, and interact with your audience to expand your reach.


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Merchandise is a creative way to promote your book using common objects. Placing your book cover or a design from your book on things like mugs, t-shirts, bags, or even posters allows you to show a part of your book and start talking about it. It also allows other people to become ambassadors of your work as they use it in their lives.

When to use: Share them during special occasions—holidays, celebrations, publishing anniversaries—with people who are true fans or can provide visibility. Gift them or sell them to people who bought your book or would likely show them to other potential readers.

Marketing is an activity that evolves over time and each tool is designed to help you implement different parts of your marketing strategy.

As a Luminare Press author, you can have us design any of these materials any time you need them.
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