by Marianne Hesse

How realistic is it to expect a good night’s sleep when your rambunctious puppies are convinced that they have a much better idea for how the rest of your evening should be spent? “Then We’ll Say Goodnight” is a bedtime story for young children and may also be used to help them learn or practice their numbers as they try to keep track of where the various puppies may have run to.

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As someone who is not particularly computer literate, it became immediately apparent to me that self-publishing on my own would not be the best path. So finding Luminare was a godsend for me. Everyone I worked with was experienced, thoughtful, talented, knowledgeable, kind, considerate, and a complete pleasure to work with. Since I would work with them again in a heartbeat, I can unequivocally recommend them without any hesitation. Marianne Hesse