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Luminare Press made me a believer in hiring professionals to help with aspects like design, formatting, and publishing to get your indie book where it needs to be. I have edited, formatted, and published my own books, but I was never 100 percent confident in marketing those self-published titles. Now, with immense hands-on help from the staff at Luminare Press, I finally have a book that I feel proud of—cover to cover. I will not be self-publishing again without the help of Luminare Press. Terah Van Dusen

by Terah Van Dusen

As someone who is not particularly computer literate, it became immediately apparent to me that self-publishing on my own would not be the best path. So finding Luminare was a godsend for me. Everyone I worked with was experienced, thoughtful, talented, knowledgeable, kind, considerate, and a complete pleasure to work with. Since I would work with them again in a heartbeat, I can unequivocally recommend them without any hesitation. Marianne Hesse

by Marianne Hesse