by Judy Keeslar Santamaria

  • Released: December 2019
  • Genre: Novels

Welcome to the Jetty Cat Palace Café where synchronicity and wonder abound!

Morgen, a quirky music teacher and pianist, is devastated when she learns that her mother, also a concert pianist, became pregnant with her after a sexual assault and abandoned her life as a performer.

Startled when a steel string explodes inside her piano, Morgen sees secrets long buried inside the music she and her late mother had cherished. Risking her career and heartbreak to rectify her mother’s lost dreams, Morgen vows to find her mother’s stolen cremation urn and track down her mystery father.

Following an irresistible melody that resonates from her family’s obscure past, she arrives at the Jetty Cat Palace Café where she finds offbeat locals, feral cats, and even a ghost. But a secret lies in wait for Morgen beneath the café’s scarred wood floor, and though she hopes that a bittersweet spiritual connection will resolve her shared history with her mother, she must first reconcile her past and present.

What this author said about working with us...

Kudos to the highly professional (and often whimsical) Luminare Press team for shepherding my novel, Jetty Cat Palace Café, to publication! I will always be deeply grateful to Patricia and her staff for their intuitive nudges from design to editing to marketing; for encouraging me and treating my work with respect; for always responding to my emails; and for making my dream come true. I highly recommend Luminare Press! I can’t wait to work with them again! Judy Keeslar Santamaria