by L. Wade Powers

  • Released: October 2021
  • Genre: Novels

In 1957, a long-buried cache of miner’s gold (doré) bars are found and hidden by a few people in the high desert town of Sagebrush. It is illegal to possess gold bullion and the small group, many of them enthusiastic poker players at the local hotel, attempt to dispose of the trove via shady contacts. They form a tontine, a survivorship agreement over the next twenty years to share the assets. In 1977, the gold bullion, now legal, is worth millions of dollars.
A dead pool is a list of people expected to fail or die. There is no clear distinction between it and a tontine if any participants have bad intentions.

What this author said about working with us...

This is my sixth book with Luminare Press, so you must be doing something right. Actually, you do everything great, from first contact about a new project, to final design and release. You are super responsive and for an Indie author, that is critical. Without fail, your editors have guided me toward a better manuscript, a tighter final product. I have complete competence in their judgment while maintaining final control over revisions. I enjoy working with the design teams, sometimes bringing in an outside artist or designer (three of the books) to produce a hybrid cover. I am very pleased with the results. My seventh book is in preparation, so I will be working with you again soon. I have already referred several writers to Luminare. L. Wade Powers