by John Randall Stephenson, Esq.

Based upon true events, Blood In Your Boots: Navy SEAL Stories from the Silver Strand (1957–1967) tells the story of young Lieutenant Commander John M. “Maxie” Stephenson Jr., USNR. Maxie served as a member of Underwater Demolition Team Twelve and Navy SEAL Team One from 1957 to 1967. Maxie and his teammates’ lives as Frogmen and Navy SEALs were a foil of grit, antics and humor, parties, exploits, and even an escape from a Mexican jail under gunfire.

Readers will meet many colorful characters from a little-known period of US Naval history. With their legendary training and history of successful operations, the Navy SEALs have become modern-day American heroes. However, little is known publicly about the early days of the Navy SEAL teams. When were the teams formed? Who were some of the original Navy SEALS? How did they become the formidable fighting unit they are today? This book tells that story.

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