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As a new author, I felt safe being led by Luminare through this daunting undertaking. What Luminare describes on their website, their process and costs, is exactly true to my experience. From start to finish, the cover designer, editors, project manager, and publication assistant, were professional and encouraging as they carefully guided me to publication. I am grateful for their expertise and for the privilege to work with such lovely people. Jane Ashe

by Jane Ashe

Self-publishing through Luminare Press has been an amazing experience. Initially, I was only looking for a publisher to help with my book cover, but after finding Luminare Press online and seeing the quality of their work, I knew I needed their help. From my first call with Patricia to my final date of publication with Caitlin, the assistance I received from Kristen, Sallie, Melissa and Kim was highly professional and caring. I could not have completed my book without the help of Luminare Press. I highly recommend them to any other author who wishes to take his or her book to the next level. Thank you so much! John Randall Stephenson, Esq.

by John Randall Stephenson, Esq.