by Ronald Lutz

  • Released: June 2022
  • Genre: Memoirs

Indications of a Mysterious Path is the story of the life of Ronald Lutz written sequentially from his birth (1947) to the present (2022). Juxtaposed with certain historical events during those years, it details the experiences of a troubled man who, although nurtured by loving parents, found it difficult to form and maintain friendships. A college graduate, he was conscripted by the army, worked in manufacturing, and served in the army before joining the Peace Corps. Beset by problems of alcoholism and mental illness, he eventually met a woman with a quiet, gentle spirit. They developed a lasting relationship and over their course of time together toured the world while he continued a journey of discovery on a mysterious path.

What this author said about working with us...

My second experience working with Luminare Press was more difficult because my memoir they published included multiple images. But like my first novel they published for me, their managing editor (Sallie), project manager (Kim), her production assistant (Caitlin), and graphic designer (Melissa), all working with the owner/editor (Patricia) guided me through the process, patiently tolerating several of my image and edit changes, as well as a complete book design change. All their communication with me was friendly, cooperative, and professional. I could not be happier with their expertise. Ronald Lutz