by J.C. Mitchell

  • Released: October 2021
  • Genre: Memoirs

Life as Paradox

Poor Birdie. After a rough start at birth, life was idyllic for his first half-decade. Then Birdie’s situation changed. His family moved to a new home, and he enrolled at Our Lady of Perpetual Sorrow, a Catholic school in Portland, Oregon. Birdie would come to learn the yin and yang of life, the pendulum between the poles of providence and misfortune. Birdie would realize that life was a paradox and that his destiny would be determined by his own reckoning, for better or worse.

What this author said about working with us...

Very much enjoyed working with the team at Luminare Press. They are exceedingly professional and skilled at what they do. The team provided me with a polished finished product, a memoir that I could be proud of. Enjoyed working with Kim, Caitlin, Claire, Jenny, Jamie, Patricia and Melissa and would recommend Luminare Press to anyone else who is thinking about hybrid publishing to produce their work. J.C. Mitchell