by Jody Leone Sanfilippo

Meet Maggie, a shy Lhasa Apso and Moses, a rascally Westie, real dogs who have been friends since puppyhood. (Their names have not been changed to protect their innocence!) They spend all their days happily “squizzling,” “squozzling,” tickling, and tumbling together—until Maggie suddenly discovers Moses’ family is moving away. What will shy Maggie do without her best friend? They believe their friendship is as “strong as a bone” and will, one day, bring them together again. Their story is one of trust, faith, and life-long friendship, canine style.

“This can’t be goodbye!” she barked to her friend.
“You cannot be moving! This can’t be the end!”
But, indeed he was leaving, to move far away.
So what would she do and with whom would she play?

The Dog-Gone Days of Maggie and Moses is the first in a series that will be a delight for parents to read aloud and a joy for young readers as well.

What this author said about working with us...

As I first time author of a children's book, I soon found out that writing the book was the easy part! Searching endless blogs, posts, and everything to do with publishing left me more than confused as to what to do next to actually get my little book published. That's where the team at Luminare Press came to the rescue. I found everyone there to be helpful , knowledgable and, more importantly to me, very patient with all of my questions and concerns as I tried to navigate the process. What I thought would be an intimidating journey, ended up being a fun experience. Generally speaking, each person I worked with was professional, kind, enthusiastic and always promptly responsive to my emails. Claire is a talented graphic designer and has been just a kick to work with on design and layout. Sallie, in editing, offered suggestions and options while allowing me to make my own decisions. Kim and Caitlin have been a world of help and knowledge, providing step-by-step instructions to everything related to setting up accounts with Amazon, IngramSpark and the expansive world of marketing and social media, (which is all Greek to me!) I am extremely pleased with the final product and feel it is something I can be proud of in every way. My experience with Luminare Press has made my book publishing journey feel more like a partnership with them and I am looking forward to enlisting their help on the next book in my series. Suffice it to say, I recommend them highly. You have all been a blessing and I can't thank you enough! Jody Leone Sanfilippo