by Gyuszi Sütő

  • Released: October 2021
  • Genre: Memoirs

The time is 1972 to 1990. The place is communist Romania, one of the satellite states of the almighty—albeit slowly decaying—Soviet Union.
I Tried is a collection of stories that reflect the author’s life from the tender age of ten through age 28. The 36 tales of street-soccer, beekeeping, abuse, brutality, chases, forced labor, love, secret police informants and revolution present a quilt-like collage of the life in communist Romania, a country ruled by Nicolae Ceausescu, one of the worst dictators of the 20th century.
These intimate stories—in turn thrilling, funny, and sad—of everyday life under a communist regime offer the reader a glimpse of an almost unimaginable period of recent history. I Tried will take you on an emotional roller coaster and leave you filled with wonder and disbelief that such events could occur in our modern world.

What this author said about working with us...

Luminare helped me publish my book in two different versions, one in English, and one in Hungarian. The folks I interacted with acted very professionally, they know what they're doing. Initially, I thought maybe I could do all this by myself, but no. The expertise Luminare has was really helpful. And it shows in the end result. I'm really happy with the outcome. Gyuszi Sütő