by Ernst F. Tonsing

  • Released: June 2021
  • Genre: Memoirs

Ernst Tonsing’s grandmother was Amelia Earhart’s cousin. In Cousin Amelia, he relates stories about her youth that he learned from his grandmother, from Amelia’s other relatives, and from visits with her mother and a conversation with her sister, Muriel Earhart Morrissey.

Learn about Amelia’s life in her grandmother’s house in the early 1900s, her remarkable mother, her brave great-grandmother, her adventurous great-grandfather, her brilliant aunt, and her cousin who got women the vote in Kansas. Many of these stories about her youth and remarkable family have never been told outside the family.

Finally, you will learn about Amelia’s most important flight—it was not her last!

What this author said about working with us...

From my first contact with Luminare Press to the publication of my book on Amelia Earhart it has been a delight. Your staff is friendly, efficient, thorough, and easy to work with. I would recommend you to other authors without any reservation at all. Ernst F. Tonsing