by Roberta Temes

  • Released: November 2021
  • Genre: Novels

A bride withholds a shocking secret from her new husband.

Is love enough to keep the marriage together?

When a quiet Midwestern family receives flawed medical advice, catastrophe ensues. Louie attempts to raise Laurie, his daughter, while perpetuating a devastating lie. Laurie connects with a cunning cult leader and a devious psychotherapist, but they are no match for the two strong women who thoughtfully upend societal expectations and provide wisdom and stability.

Family relationships are complicated; love shows up in many forms.

What this author said about working with us...

From the first moment it was a delight to work with the women at Luminare. The professional knowledge, skill, talent and expertise was evident at every step of the process. Each person was kind, generous with time and information, and consistently competent. I've worked with many other publishers, including the biggest names in the book world, and never got the attention and quick return emails that Luminare provided. I am even tempted to write another book because they made the publishing process so pleasant for me. Roberta Temes