by Paula Prober

Embark on a journey to find your authentic voice and the paths to your uniquely passionate, powerful, and purposeful life.

Do you worry about the meaning of life, the future of the planet, the nature of reality, and how to contribute to creating a peaceful world? Do people tell you to lower your standards when you wish they would raise theirs? Is your big, soft, lonely heart breaking on a regular basis?

In Saving Your Rainforest Mind: A Guided Journal for the Curious, Creative, Smart, & Sensitive, psychotherapist and author Paula Prober will be your guide to recovering your strength, authenticity, and radiance—the radiance that may have been crushed under the pressures to be smartest, under the bully’s taunts, schooling frustrations, expectations of exemplary achievement and traditional success, devastating loneliness, overwhelm, underwhelm, and the rubble of your ancestral baggage.

As you dive into this journal, you will be shown how to increase your understanding, acceptance, and celebration of your multiple complexities.

What this author said about working with us...

The team at Luminare Press is highly skilled, reliable, and responsive. This is my third project with them and they did not disappoint. The designer listened carefully to my requests for the cover and interior and showed patience, creativity, and determination to create the best possible result. And she did! I was given very specific instructions for the steps all along the way and each member of the team clearly showed excellent knowledge and skill with the quite complicated publication process. I am pleased with the outcome and have already received much positive feedback from readers! Thank you, Luminare Press! Paula Prober