by Betty Jean Craige

  • Released: February 2022
  • Genre: Novels

In Betty Jean Craige’s sixth Witherston Murder Mystery, Jorge and Jaime Arroyo own a zoo dedicated to rehabilitating wild animals and restoring endangered species. A bizarre set of events puts Zoo Arroyo in the news. A stranger dies in the wolves’ enclosure. A wolf whelps a wolf-wolverine chimera. A bear delivers a bear-wolf chimera.

Are these events related to a beautiful scientist’s ambition to win a prize for biological innovation? Is the genetic engineer enamored of her responsible for the appropriation of the animals’ wombs? In Life and Death at Zoo Arroyo, Jorge and Jaime wonder: Is nature in the twenty-first century man-made? Life and Death at Zoo Arroyo is the sixth book in her Witherston Murder Mystery series, which includes Downstream, Fairfield’s Auction, Dam Witherston, Saxxons in Witherston, and Death in Potter’s Woods.

What this author said about working with us...

I have published books with many different publishers--academic and independent, traditional and non-traditional. Luminare Press, the first hybrid press I've used, published the two most recent books in my Witherston Murder Mystery series: DEATH IN POTTER'S WOODS and LIFE AND DEATH AT ZOO ARROYO. Luminare Press is outstanding in every way: the meticulous care its associates gave my projects; the efficiency with which they published my books; the promptness with which Kim and Caitlin, in particular, responded to my questions; and the stellar quality of the finished product. I will publish my next mystery with Luminare Press. I'm very fortunate to have found the publisher. Betty Jean Craige