by John R. Pistacchi

John and Martha, in their seventies and about to celebrate their fiftieth anniversary, find themselves in a state-mandated COVID-19 lockdown, requiring them to be together 24/7. John chronicles this adventure through the lens of observational humor. As the couple navigates this strange new world of masks, sanitizers, and flour hoarding, nothing is off-limits: from new protocols, to their love/hate relationship with Amazon, to John’s paranoia about dangerous (and possibly imaginary) squirrels, or his foolproof money-saving scheme. John even finds humor in his fight against Parkinson’s and weight gain via his diet and exercise program as well as his Daily Rock Steady Zoom boxing sessions under his fighting name, FAST JOHNNY.

What this author said about working with us...

I have enjoyed working with this group. I have found them to be very professional, creative and responsive. I published my first book, Lockdown Capers, in February 2021.and was very pleased with the results. We are now putting the final touches on my 2nd and 3rd book, "Lockdown Aftermath", and "Nature Talks" . Definitely a company to take along with you on a publishing journey. John R. Pistacchi