by Rebecca Marks

  • Released: March 2022
  • Genre: Novels

Beautiful Aviva Stern never dreamed she would leave her strong Hasidic community, nor does she ever imagine meeting and falling in love with a stranger from a completely different background. Nevertheless, a frightening incident in her life makes her feel she has no choice but to escape, although she has no real place to go. But her chance meeting of handsome, kind David Delgado, a Colombian musician, enables her to make the difficult transition and to have confidence that she can be loved and succeed in a very different world from the one in which she grew up.

What this author said about working with us...

From start to finish, it was a pleasure working with Luminare on the publication of my novel, Educating Aviva. Everyone who worked with me, from their sales team to their technical team was not only professional, but extremely competent, very responsive, willing to answer all of my questions, and just very very nice to work with. I highly recommend Luminare if you are looking for a great way to self-publish but do not want to take on the time consuming and daunting tasks that Luminare does so seamlessly. I would work with them any time. Thank you Luminare!! Rebecca Marks