by Diego Kent

  • Released: September 2022
  • Genre: Novels

After making money and a bad end, Judah Goodwin is drawn to work by the sea. The intrepid rover washes ashore on an island far off the coast of Maine that is reeling from the pandemic-driven blights of death and economic ruin. Lee Miranda, whose broken dreams fuel resolve, enlists Goodwin’s aid to save the community she leads.

Rio Los Angeles is a kinetic story of chance renounced and challenges met, limned with action and suspense. Larceny makes landfall, murder rides the waves, and reckoning from a fateful encounter is due. Along the way Judah and Lee must choose between pressures and passions in their attempts to make duty and devotion scan.

What this author said about working with us...

With the benefit of these experienced professionals, I now have a published book—precisely realizing my objective—which is available for purchase online or via any bookstore and is being promoted through a wide range of outlets, venues, and opportunities. Many thanks. Diego Kent