by Megan Becker

  • Released: August 2023
  • Genre: Novels

The only thing hotter than the coffee spilled down her jeans is the man responsible for it.

When aspiring writer Hillary James escapes to New York City, she’s ready to find herself and inspiration for her first novel. Instead, inspiration collides with her and her latte, and she finds herself becoming fast friends with the charming and talented actor Dalton Tremaine.

Hillary can tell Dalton her secrets—all the messy reasons she left her small town in the first place. He’s been searching for a meaningful connection, and Hillary grounds him in a way that no one else in New York has been able to. He loves her easy-going nature, and she loves that he accepts her exactly as she is.

Hillary begins to feel like she can finally let go of her past and write a new chapter with Dalton as her leading man. That’s why she can’t tell him the one secret she’s been holding on to since they first bumped into each other. Will their story end in heartache, or will she get her happy ending?

What this author said about working with us...

The team at Luminare was knowledgeable and patient. They handled all the hard parts of publishing so I could focus on my book and marketing. I appreciate their guidance and expertise throughout the process and am thrilled with the final result! Megan Becker