by Thomas Clark

  • Released: July 2020
  • Genre: Novels

A reluctant return to the house where he grew up causes Russell Flynn to have second thoughts about his decision to live a life of sin, a pursuit he has mastered. For the first time since it happened, Russell questions his assumption that there can be no redemption for someone who did what he did to Fr. Thomas Kavanaugh, the tyrannical pastor of the church next door who abused Russell’s vulnerable mother and made his childhood a living hell. Running into a beautiful woman he has not seen since his school days has raised a second question: can there be any hope of salvation for a man who has just fallen in love with a nun?

What this author said about working with us...

The experience of working with the Luminare Press staff with my last two novels was not only positive but fun. If I ever get this new one finished we will do it again. Thomas Clark