by Gail A. Webber

  • Released: November 2023
  • Genre: Novels

However solid, secure, and together Rachel seems from the outside, she knows the truth about herself. She’s lonely. She hides. She doubts everything she does.

At twenty-six years old, she’s learned to make the best of the life her past decisions created. But new demands, unexpected losses, and painful choices have changed everything. Rachel has always carried secrets. Now she has more, with far-reaching consequences on the horizon. To deal with all of it—to survive—she needs to grow. But can she?

What this author said about working with us...

This is the third book I've published through Luminare Press, and everyone there has done flawless work from the first contact through the "congratulations" phase of all three projects. That is not at all the experience I had with two other houses, so I'm grateful to have found and worked with Luminare for the last three books. The professionals at Luminare are just that--professional. Self-publishing/hybrid publishing can feel like a maze of options, requirements, and choices, but every person with whom I worked at Luminare did everything they could not only to lead and guide, but to make it easy. I opted to add line editing for the first project, and was so pleased with the work that I chose it for the other two as well. Great work, Luminare! Thank you, thank you, thank you. I'll be back as soon as my current WIP is complete! Thank you Gail A. Webber