Respirator Blues - Corona Virus Lowku by Elaine Parker Adams

by Elaine Parker Adams

  • Released: January 2024
  • Genre: Poetry

Respirator Blues is a collection of ninety lowku poems (senryu) by poet Elaine Parker Adams. Similar to the well-known haiku in structure, lowku focuses on social issues rather than nature.
Adams explores the good, the bad, and the ugly of COVID-19, its effects, and the realities and myths associated with the virus. Her poems register a variety of responses to living in a COVID-impacted world—in the neighborhood, at work, in schools, and even the fraught environs of hospitals, nursing homes, and end-of-life formalities.
Respirator Blues gives its topic due respect while weaving in welcome touches of levity, humor, and sarcasm. These poems provide the opportunity to read briefly but think deeply, arouse memories, and encourage reflection on the challenging experiences impacting pandemic survivors.

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I thoroughly enjoyed working with Luminare. The staff and I were closely connected throughout the process. My questions and concerns received timely responses. My suggestions received attention. The staff also gave careful consideration to my issues related to computer literacy and physical limitations with keyboarding. Elaine Parker Adams