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by Diane Schroeder

  • Released: April 2022
  • Genre: Poetry
It took me 72 years to publish a book. Curiously enough it was the Covid pandemic that helped it happen, the government sent me money and then quarantined me so I had nothing else to do but put a book together. The thing I love about Luminare Press is that they're local. By using their services the money I spend there serves my community. I currently have another book they are working on, which makes three now. They are a publishing house that makes relationships with their authors, and I am very pleased with their results. Dale Brabb

by Dale Brabb

  • Released: March 2022
  • Genre: Poetry
This is my second collaboration with Luminare on a book. The first was Yesterday's Voices on the Inner Life published in 2019, and this was the second, Yesterday's Voices on the Inner Life, Volume Two, published in 2021. Both publishing experiences have been exceptionally rewarding. The entire Luminare Press team has always been professional, very responsive, and supportive with any issues or questions I had. Their guidance during the entire process has always been timely and reassuring. I'm sure that any new author will be extremely satisfied with the experience of working with them. A. A. Willis

by A. A. Willis