CRAZY: a journey to recover a lost mind by Michael Rebellino

by Michael Rebellino

  • Released: May 2024
  • Genre: Poetry

“Rebellino captures with incredible accuracy the awful brutality of watching a loved one sink into and then deal with madness.” —Patrick Dylan, Award Winning Author of Safe, Wanted, and Loved: A Family Memoir of Mental Illness, Heartbreak, and Hope
“Rebellino blends brilliant prose with powerful poetry, delving into the profound complexities of caring for a loved one’s mental health while managing one’s own. […] This isn’t just a story to be read. It’s an experience that reshapes one’s understanding of true connection, a narrative that both breaks and mends the reader and leaves you all the better for it.” —Jordan P. Barnes, Award Winning Author of One Hit Away: A Memoir of Recovery
“[This] book is a love poem to life – love in the deepest sense that doesn’t shy away from suffering and hard realities. The more we can do to de-stigmatize [mental illness and addiction], the more hope there is for finding solutions.” —Beverly Conyers, Best Selling Author of Addict in the Family
“This courageous book speaks to so many suffering with mental health and addiction and brings light and awareness to this ever-present subject […] and gives us that behind-the-curtain look at authentic hopes, fears, pain, suffering and triumph that we all can learn from.” —Lisa M. Gennosa PA-C, Author of Incurable Hope