by Jane Ashe

Jane’s 22-year-old daughter, Ashley, died in a flash flood while trekking in the Indian Himalayan mountains. Unexpected events before, during, and after the search for her unraveled some answers to Jane’s lifelong search for what is real. Surprising gifts along the way helped bring peace in trying to resolve a death where Jane could not see, be with, or say goodbye to one she loves.

What this author said about working with us...

As a new author, I felt safe being led by Luminare through this daunting undertaking. What Luminare describes on their website, their process and costs, is exactly true to my experience. From start to finish, the cover designer, editors, project manager, and publication assistant, were professional and encouraging as they carefully guided me to publication. I am grateful for their expertise and for the privilege to work with such lovely people. Jane Ashe