A Relentless Pursuit of Life by Paul Russo

by Paul Russo

A Relentless Pursuit of Life is the story of one person’s journey to improve, gain confidence, and build a foundation for success. The author’s adventures yield practical lessons anyone can use to make improvements. Paul Russo provides the reader with a no-nonsense prescription of positive steps to start achieving goals and dreams.
His story begins with several real-life adventures in endurance and competitive events he pursued to develop a relentless character and never-give-up approach to everyday challenges. He also gives the reader frank observations and advice about the pitfalls of excuse making and poor time management. The author holds himself and us accountable with a realistic look in the mirror. You will walk away from this book with a renewed sense of purpose and motivation.

What this author said about working with us...

I am so grateful to the staff at Luminare Press. Everyone was so courteous and consistently helpful. They patiently guided me by explaining each phase of the publishing process for my book, A Relentless Pursuit of Life. Special thanks go out to Kim, Claire, and Caitlin. Their method is efficient and smooth. They were very accommodating to questions and any special needs. I unhesitatingly give them my highest recommendation: AAA +++ service and quality work. If you are looking for help editing and publishing a book, you can trust Luminare Press to provide exemplary support. They are professional and care about their customers. I will bring them my next book later this year. Paul Russo