by Dorothy Brown Soper

1807: KWAME, KWAKU, AND BAAKO live in the most powerful kingdom in West Africa. Kwame is the son of a chief. Kwaku is the likely successor to the chief. Baako is a slave earning his freedom. The boys are good friends who work together daily. Guided by their families, elders, ceremonies, and stories, Kwame, Kwaku, and Baako strive to become leaders in the Akan culture.

In the capital city to see the king, the Golden Stool, and the Odwira festival, the boys meet foreign people, learn about writing and books, and witness the sale of slaves. Kwaku cares for a leopard cub that the king wants returned to the forest. On a mission to the coast, Kwame and Baako are kidnapped and threatened with sale to the slave trade.

The Asante Kingdom faces rebellion and the decline of its role in the Atlantic slave trade. Change will come. Kwame, Kwaku, and Baako balance the life they know with new possibilities for their future.

What this author said about working with us...

I worked with several members of the Luminare staff to publish a long book with over ninety illustrations. I welcomed editorial reviews and advice about the placement of the illustrations, along with guidance through the publishing tasks and the creation of a website. This was my first book and I very much appreciated the staff’s counsel, support, and encouragement through every step. I’m very pleased with the book’s appearance, marketability, and favorable reviews regarding its design and typography. The Luminare staff made this complicated process manageable and educational. The staff is doing it again now to add reviews to the book's back cover and create a file for a hardcover edition of the book. I'm grateful for this good work. Dorothy Brown Soper