by Milree Latimer

  • Released: July 2023
  • Genre: Novels

When thirty-year-old teacher Meg Blackwell embarks on a renovation project at the old family farmhouse, she discovers letters and photographs that begin to unravel the fabric of her identity.

As she investigates a tragedy that originated in one man’s twisted desire for recognition, Meg realizes that she isn’t who she thought she was – and that she’s inextricably linked to three generations of women whose creative gifts carry them through the darkest moments of their lives

The Shelter Of Each Other is the story of how these three women come to revise and reshape themselves, and of the creative spirit itself, which contains the power to nourish and sustain, and sometimes, to break us.

The story unfolds in Ontario, Canada, Scotland and in France, from 1902 until 1950.

What this author said about working with us...

My experience as an author with Luminaire Press has been extraordinary. Their team of editors, graphic artists and publication managers is professional and talented. Each one of them has a passion for books and story that they share with me as one of their authors. I know that creating a book which I can take out into the world with pride is as important to them as it is to me. As long as I’m creating stories and discovering new characters, I will trust them to everyone at Luminaire Press. Milree Latimer