by Ann Blackburn

Meet E-Sup, a very affectionate, gregarious wolf hybrid and his mate, Daza, a very sweet, yet mysterious, 100 percent wolf. Join the author as she shares a deeply spiritual and loving relationship with them, where the rewards far outweighed the many challenges. Her spirit never felt so free, nor her inner strength so strong and centered, as during her life with E-Sup and Daza. To this day, she can see the vision of their smiling faces and feel their infectious energy to her core. It is a great renewal of her body and spirit. Their joy and connection to the natural world are their gifts that remain with her.

What this author said about working with us...

"The Dance: Light, Love & Life With Two Wolves", is my second book published with Luminare Press. I really enjoyed working with all of the Luminare staff during the whole publishing process with both books. They make the whole process a very helpful and positive experience. To achieve your goal of a beautiful book that you can be proud of, just as I am with mine, I strongly recommend Luminare Press. Ann Blackburn