by Michael Frank Rizzo

Welcome, adventurer, to the wondrously magical world of Asterra-where no two roads are the same and life blooms and beckons around every bend. Join Penniforth ‘Penny’ Rodgers as he regales you with tales of the events, people, currencies, and beliefs that have shaped this mystical land.

From the pirate infested shoals of Del’ San Cove, to the dark depths of the Ochre Halls and the fairy forests of Faeril, there is a story for everyone. All that is missing is for you to create your own adventure within Asterra. So, what are you waiting for? Penny has already marked the first destination on the map.

What this author said about working with us...

Working with Luminare Press has been an amazing experience from start to finish. As a first time author, I was a bit nervous about taking my first step into the world of self-publishing. I really didn't know much about how to go about the publishing process on my own, and I knew little about what companies were out there and what they offered. I found Luminare through some research I did on the Alliance of Independent Authors‘ Website. From their excellent partner member rating to the amazing reviews, and the initial call with Patricia, I knew Luminare was the company for my book, Tales of Asterra. Everyone at Luminare is so kind and helpful! From Kim, who answered all of my questions promptly and succinctly; Caitlin, who went over setting up my files for publication and guiding me with the final steps to publication; Sallie and the wonderful team of editors, Jenny & Kimberly, who helped me make my book the best version of itself; Claire, who directed me through interior formatting; Melissa & Kristen, who helped me with marketing; and Patricia, who helped me initially with getting situated at the start of my journey. The whole team really went up and beyond to make me feel apart of the Luminare family. I can't wait to embark on my next literary project with Luminare, and I highly recommend them to any author in search of a great publishing company! Michael Frank Rizzo