by William Tolliver Squires

Owl Wit and Humor is a delightful collection of read-aloud tales and modern fables that will enchant young listeners and readers. Author William Tolliver Squires shares funny conversations with owl-folk, from feathered socialites to reclusive birds of prey.

Handed down through generations, these tales were first shared with William by his aunt, Mae Tolliver, an Alabama taxidermist and storyteller. In Owl Wit and Humor, William retells his aunt’s yarns with the owlish rhetoric, fantasy, and poetry he remembers and introduces us to his aunt’s humor and wisdom with colorful illustrations and commentary.

What this author said about working with us...

Luminare's staff turned my little stories and drawings into distinctive text, vibrant illustrations, and a terrific kid's book. Sallie's perceptive editing was spot-on. I felt like Kim, Kristen, and Caitlin were truly vested in the success of Owl Wit and Humor: Modern Fables. I would do this again! William Tolliver Squires