by Betty Jean Craige

  • Released: November 2021
  • Genre: Novels

What is a Georgia mountain town to do when “Robin Hood” threatens to kill its mayor and a citizen or two if three thousand Witherstonians don’t donate $5,000 each to rectify the theft of gold and land from the Cherokees two hundred years ago? Some folks donate. Others take their chances. One person dies, in Potter’s Woods. The mayor survives an attempt on her life. Police Chief Mev Arroyo and her sons Jorge and Jaime discover that Potter’s Woods, occupied by the Cherokee people for a thousand years until the 1832 Georgia Land Lottery, is the site of two murders. And that Robin Hood, “feared by the bad, loved by the good,” is connected to both.

What this author said about working with us...

I have published many books with a number of other publishers. I would rank Luminare Press, which is my first hybrid publisher, among the best. The publication process for Death in Potter's Woods has been a pleasure from start to finish, and the product is beautiful. I will publish another book with Luminare. I could not be happier. Betty Jean Craige