Tahoe Local, Lessons from the High Life ny Trish Tomer

by Trish Tomer

Want to move to Tahoe? Jump in and hold on for a ride through fifty years of living in a high-altitude, weather-centric, quirky mountain town. Along the way, you’ll gain insights into the misfits and free spirits who thrive in Tahoe’s wilderness paradise and fickle climate and find out more about a populace that embraces bizarre employment opportunities for the promise of a hedonistic lifestyle. Learn how Tahoe locals celebrate the holidays mountain-style and the not-so-special events they create. This is a place where happy hour is still respected and observed daily. Get a close-up view of the service workers and the tourists who, unfortunately, have to depend on them. Take a peek at Tahoe’s casinos that offer jobs with the guarantee of minimum wage, a complimentary meal of banquet leftovers, and a free humiliating uniform. As you travel Tahoe’s bumpy roads, you might find a town with limitless recreational activities—most of which are legal. And you may be tempted to join the unleashed dogs and untethered humans at play. You’ll see what it takes to be called a “Tahoe local,” the true test is not how long you’ve lived here, but how you respond to the call of the wild.

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