by Kimberly Gambino-Mitrovich

Have you ever wondered what your veggies are thinking when you leave them on your plate? Did you ever imagine that they may have feelings like you and me? I bet you didn’t!

In It’s Not Easy Being Broccoli, Little Nicky finds out firsthand how his broccoli feels, and this may be the push he needs to give it a try.

What this author said about working with us...

From start to finish, the experience I had with the Luminare Press team was organized, professional and in a timely fashion. As a first time publisher, I was nervous about the journey of self publishing and trusting a company to help me with this process. From the my first phone call with Patricia to my emails with Caitlyn and Kim, they always put my at ease and answered all of my questions. It’s a very exciting journey and I am grateful for their guidance with the process of my first published book. Kimberly Gambino-Mitrovich