by Robert L. LeBrun

Death has many ways to take you.
But what happens afterwards?
Will you fall further into darkness
or finally see the light?

Death Has Its Ways is a collection of ten stories of everyday people who make ill-fated decisions causing death to take them away. But death doesn’t have the final say. Higher powers have an ultimate destination in mind. After their fall from grace, the characters in these stories soon find out that their final chapter in life depends on good versus evil and the battle for their souls. In the end, they are held accountable and reap what they sow.

What this author said about working with us...

I was referred to Luminare Press from another publishing company who is no longer in the business. I wish I would have known about Luminare sooner. They were knowledgeable, professional with a friendly staff. I was extremely pleased with the quality of workmanship and the timeframe in which they completed my project. From the initial contract to the last invoice, everything moved forward like clockwork. They are very efficient with their services. I look forward to working with Luminare on future projects. Robert L. LeBrun