by Sue Castor

A recent retirement and the desire to see Europe led two people on an epic adventure of a lifetime.

Around Europe in 180 Days tells of their travels:

  • From ancient Greece and Rome to the canals of Venice and Amsterdam
  • From churches and castles to the home of a vampire
  • From the palaces of kings to the beehive huts of Ireland
  • From the depths of a salt mine to the crest of a volcano
  • From a den of dragons to the loch of a sea monster
  • From the dark landmarks of World War II to the beauty of the Highlands

Join Sue and Mike on this incredible journey that takes them through the ruins of ancient civilizations to the bustling cities of present day.

What this author said about working with us...

I loved working with Luminaire Press. They took me through the publishing process step by step until I ended up with a beautiful book from cover to cover. Sue Castor