by Rick Ley

  • Released: July 2022
  • Genre: Novels

Jolie Rouge is the spellbinding historical-fiction prequel to Reckoning at Little Bear, intertwining the nefarious career of Bartholomew Roberts with a macabre yarn of terror and deceit that will leave you with second thoughts about venturing too far from shore.

In 1721, Roberts was at the pinnacle of his career as a rogue captain aboard the Royal Fortune. His exploits confirmed his standing as the greatest marauder in the Golden Age of Piracy. Three centuries later, a group of college friends reunite for a week of treasure hunting in the southern Bahamas, where their path fortuitously crosses Roberts’s storied past. Danger befalls them when the friends are abducted at sea and entangled in a modern-day ring of international piracy from which there seems no escape.

What this author said about working with us...

Writing a book is a life event that words cannot describe, so why not reward yourself when it comes to publishing your work? Twice now I’ve had the fortune to experience Luminare Press turn my words into a reality and work of art. I could not be happier with the service I received from the Luminare team, and think you will too. Rick Ley