by Lawrence W. Erickson

  • Released: June 2022
  • Genre: Novels

Predators are turning one of Portland’s guilty pleasures into a nightmare.

Adult entertainers from one of the City of Roses’ less-than-reputable strip clubs, the Sweet Mackerel, have gone missing. The club’s owner and his financial partner, a Russian criminal, turn to private investigator Nate Harver for help.

Harver discovers the disappearances are not limited to the Sweet Mackerel. Women and men involved in the business have been vanishing for decades. As the detective uncovers grisly fragments of the truth, he finds himself and his loved ones targeted by the murderers and his moral code begins to crumble. Struggling to bring an end to the chaos, Harver turns to some unlikely sources for help.

What this author said about working with us...

Working with the folks at Luminare was a pleasure. Very knowledgeable and pleasant people. Publishing a book is never easy for an author. Luminare kept the stress to a minimum. Very professional. I highly recommend Luminare to first time authors and even those who have been around this block a few times. Lawrence W. Erickson