by Betty Jean Craige

  • Released: September 2023
  • Genre: Novels

Parrot Sanctuary is the story of kidnapping, parrot trafficking, cocaine trafficking, and murder—and the rescue of the wild-caught parrots transported in burlap sacks, crates, and tiny cages from Honduras through Mexico to north Georgia.

In the course of events the reader meets Scarlet macaws, Hyacinth macaws, Blue and Gold macaws, an Indigo macaw, and a Yellow-headed amazon, all highly intelligent, all in need of sanctuary at Zoo Arroyo.

What this author said about working with us...

I have published three murder mysteries with Luminare Press, "Parrot Sanctuary" being the third. I could not be happier with Luminare Press—with its efficiency, its personnel, its attention to the project, and the appearance of its books. I have recommended the press to two people, one of whom has a book about to be published there, the other with intention of submitting a manuscript soon. Betty Jean Craige