by Richard Preece

  • Released: July 2021
  • Genre: Novels

There is more to this world than we, mere mortals, are destined to comprehend James Price can’t help but see his own life reflected in the famous line from Dickens. James is a successful architect who owns a beautiful house and drives a classic sports car. But he rarely sleeps through the night due to recurring nightmares, and he rarely has an intimate relationship, except with cigarettes and alcohol. That is, until he sees an advertisement in the local newspaper: “Suffering from fears, phobias, or nightmares? Gabriel Kardac can help.” James is soon taken into an unexpected world of past lives, a journey that carries the reader through vivid experiences from the Middle Ages to recent times, each exploring the conflict between good and evil. Set in Birmingham, England in 1978, Past Lives explores the possibilities of prior life experiences and their impact on the present, while giving readers insight into day-to-day life in England during the 1970s.

What this author said about working with us...

Working with the Luminare team has been a pleasure from the very beginning! All of the team are incredible experts with a tremendous focus on details and follow through. I am so pleased that I am now preparing for my next publication with Luminare. Richard Preece