by Pat Speth Sherman

Unfolding in Pennsylvania, New York, Ohio, Virginia, Missouri, and Mexico, and spanning the years between 1746 and 1934, American Tapestry is a ride through American history in the company of a family of local community leaders. The family exemplifies the type of ‘middling’ people who served on our foundational democratic institutions. Imperfect though they were, each of the family members responded to the challenges of the time—challenges that embody the universal experience of the human condition. American Tapestry explores aspects of Native American history—with a focus on the Haudenosaunee people. With elegant yet down-to-earth writing, Sherman weaves together stories of American history, family history, and Native American history.

What this author said about working with us...

My book was quite complicated. It included text, images, charts, appendices, notes, bibliography and an index. Not a problem for the professionals at Luminare Press who handled every phase of publication with consummate expertise. The ease of communicating with the staff, not to mention their ability to accurately interpret and quickly implement my suggestions was truly amazing. The hands-on, personal service that the people at Luminare Press delivered could not have been matched at a major publishing house. To realize that the staff was juggling several projects simultaneously, and that all of this was accomplished remotely while we were all locked down in a pandemic is absolutely extraordinary. Pat Speth Sherman