by Dale Moll

  • Released: October 2021
  • Genre: Novels

Only the Grass Suffers is a drama of unsettled love and conflicting desires within the fabric of two families.

Jack Llewellyn and Michael Carlisle are adversaries whose worlds collide because of the betrayal of one woman and the deception of another. As the summer of 2018 unfolds, a suicide and a jarring revelation intensify their conflict. Each has their own motivation as they travel to the door of a distant convent, seeking reassurance and resolution, only to find bitterness and denial.
A local factory strike in Cottage Grove brings another collision of egos and claims collateral damage. The fate of the families and the strike’s darkened effect on their hometown converge by novel’s end to illustrate a life lesson worth discovering.

What this author said about working with us...

The entire staff at Luminare Press is eminently professional and generously patient. Moreover, their knowledge and experience are apparent at each stage toward publication. From initial book cover design to final interior layout, Melissa Thomas displayed extraordinary technical ability and was responsive to any questions that I had. Kim Harper-Kennedy exercised capable stewardship in managing the overall project, especially in the latter stages approaching publication. Caitlin McCrum conducted her work with Amazon and IngramSpark with neither incident nor blemish. Patricia Marshall, clearly the firm’s guiding light, was welcoming and encouraging at the outset. Finally, Luminare Press held true to our contract and I was treated fairly in every way. They all have my heart-felt gratitude for how they conducted business, for their stellar work, and for their kindness. I look forward to being a client of Luminare Press again when my second book is completed a year from now. Dale Moll