by Dale Brabb

  • Released: March 2022
  • Genre: Poetry

Poet Dale Brabb’s collection of poetry “A Gold Mine” is just that: a rich shiny collection of vivid nuggets from mined memories brought to light. Many are shared quiet revelations, giving meaning to happy and regretful episodes from his past with perfect metaphors and images. Several are lyrical songs that you can almost sing. A few are confrontations in the social divide, past and present, with true insight ; no apology. no hesitation. This is a mature bard for today, direct, with irony, humor, and variety into a not always friendly world, but one with a clear-eyed perspective of the importance of living. In “Luck” for instance, he sums up this exuberance: “Such a hoot I get to participate in existence/ even with all its impermanence” This man is not afraid to reveal himself. I shake his hand and say “More”.

—D. Malott, retired English teacher

What this author said about working with us...

It took me 72 years to publish a book. Curiously enough it was the Covid pandemic that helped it happen, the government sent me money and then quarantined me so I had nothing else to do but put a book together. The thing I love about Luminare Press is that they're local. By using their services the money I spend there serves my community. I currently have another book they are working on, which makes three now. They are a publishing house that makes relationships with their authors, and I am very pleased with their results. Dale Brabb