Luminare Press offers professional, personal, and affordable services to ensure our authors get a book that they can be proud of.

Professional: Luminare will help you produce a book that stands out in the crowd. From our long and varied experience in the publishing industry, we know how to pay attention to often unconsidered details that make or break a book—an effective and appealing cover, a font that’s easy to read, a page that’s professionally formatted, the appearance of the front and back matter. We scrutinize all the elements that go into creating a polished book.

Personal: We know that self publishing offers a confusing array of options, and we’ll walk you through the steps one at a time and make sure that YOUR book has the attention that it deserves. We know it can be a scary process, but at the end of it, we guarantee that you’ll have a great book and you’ll have a deeper understanding of your role as a self-­published author. We work with you, providing options, information, and education throughout the entire development of your self-published book.

Affordable: When you sign up with Luminare, you’ll have a team that will help you choose the most effective, affordable options. We’re not going to sell you things you don’t need, and many of the “add-ons” that other companies will charge you for are all included in our basic packages. See the pricing page for all the services that you receive for one basic cost.

Luminare (Loo-­muh-n­ar­-ee) is an Italian word that translates to “light” or “star.” We chose the name because we like the idea of helping authors bring their work to light. (We also like Italian words.) And we’re passionate about getting it right, about making books that we can be proud of.

We’re located in Eugene, Oregon, but can work with writers in any location. Contact us today or schedule a free consultation to see how we can help you join the ranks of published authors.